When Do You Need To
Replace Your Roof?

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Unfortunately, large costs can come with owning a home, a building for your business, or both. One of the biggest costs homeowners experience is the need for a new roof. You can get away with doing a few small repairs here and there most of the time.

But, sometimes you need to think about replacing the entire roof. Knowing when it’s time to replace your roof isn’t always as simple as a few leaky spots on your ceiling. If you think your home or office building may be costing you in other ways, it could be time to repair your roof for good and find residential or commercial roofing in Philadelphia.

What Does It Look Like?

This is often the first step in deciding if you need a new roof. You may or may not be experiencing leaks yet, but you can tell a lot by looking at exterior of your roof. Take notice of any missing, warped, or torn shingles. This means there’s probably a good chance water is getting into the exposed areas of your roof.

Also, look for excessive amounts of shingle debris. The outer, rough coating of the shingle is often referred to as “shingles granules.” If you clean out your gutters regularly, you can usually find some shingle granules among the debris. You’ll probably be able to tell when there’s an excess of these granules. If there is, it means your roof is wearing harder than usual and you probably need new shingles.

Finally, take notice of how your roof is connecting to the outer wall of your home, chimney stacks, vents, gutters, and any other exterior structures. You want to look for any bowing or separation from the structure. It’s usually pretty easy to tell if your roof is pulling away from other elements of your home. This means water, mold, and more could be entering your home.

What’s Getting In…Or Out?

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Another, more unpleasant, way to find out if your roof needs repaired is to take notice of what’s getting into your home of office building. Sometimes, creatures like bats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and more find weak spots in your roof and end up in your attic. This is not only unsanitary but also unsettling! You don’t want your employees to be distracted by critters in the ceiling all day.

You may be concerned about what’s getting into your home or office, but you should also take notice of what’s getting out. Deteriorating roofs can let air conditioning or heat out and drive your electric bills up considerably. If you notice your electric bill climbing over the warmer months more than usual, a faulty roof may be to blame.

Now you know leaks and drips aren’t the only thing that can let you know you need a new roof. Sometimes, you can tell by the way your roof looks. You can also tell by an excess amount of unwelcome guests making their way into your attic, and higher utility bills. Remember, if you do need a new roof; look for the best residential or commercial roofer to fit your needs and do the job right.