Do You Have Hard-Water?

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You probably don't give a second thought to the water that flows through the pipes in your home. Sure, you need to stay on top of your water heater, well-pump, or anything that supplies water to your home. But, an often overlooked issue is the quality of water coming into your home.

Luckily, communities like West Chester, PA have better quality water than places like Texas or Arizona. But, low-quality water can cause a lot of minor issues that build up over time. You may not notice them now, but hard-water can have long-term effects. Read on to find out how you can remedy hard-water and low-quality water issues in your home.

Do Some Research

You should first figure out if your home does in fact have “hard-water.” Hard-water is simply water that has a high concentration of minerals compared to soft-water where those minerals are largely filtered out.

Hard-water doesn't pose a huge risk to your health, but it can do things like irritate your skin, cause reactions, created build-up in pipes, and make cleansing harder. The build-up of minerals in hard water makes it harder for detergent to work. So, you may notice it takes more soap to wash your dishes or more shampoo to clean your hair.

If you use public water, you can usually get water level information from your local water department. If your water is from a well, you probably need to invest in a few at-home tests. Your local town may have information about the well water source, but this information is less likely than public water. But, sometimes you can even tell if your water is hard by the smell or the amount of mineral build-up on your fixtures.

Filter It Out

If you feel like your washer is working harder to get your clothes clean with your hard water, you can add things that will help your detergent clean more effectively. Products like borax or lye can help your soap form more suds, meaning you’ll likely get a better clean. These are chemicals though, so you need to proceed with caution before adding them into your laundry routine.

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More than anything, hard-water can be an annoyance. But, you're probably not sure of the quality of the water and don’t want to consume it. Here, you can buy screens to install under the head of each of your faucets. This may help you get cleaner dishes by increasing suds and reducing the amount of soap you need to use.

For drinking water, you can buy a filtered water pitcher. These pitchers usually have replacement filters that last about 3 months and effectively remove most everything from your water.

At a larger scale, you can have an experienced plumber in West Chester, PA install a filtering system for your entire home. This is an investment, but a reverse osmosis filtration system will allow you to drink water straight from the tap!

No matter how hard you water is there’s usually a solution to soften it. And sometimes, investing in a better water filtration system for your home is the way to go. Most good plumbers can help you find and install the best unit for your needs. You’ll end up saving money in the end and have a happier family!